I’m still alive!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted you all to know I’m still alive! I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging to tackle some other things in my life but I’m still here and I’ll be back more regularly later this year. In the meantime, you may only see a handful of personal-ish updates from me.


We’ve welcomed a new bunny into our home – that’s Winston on the right. He’s a 6 month old dwarf that we adopted from my friend Leigh at AAPS. He’s a little sweetheart, and is a little too clever for his own good! He immediately knew what his litter tray was for and by day 2 he’d figured out how to open the fly screen door on his room.

Vegan Bake Sale

I contributed a whole lot of [my own variation of these] Snickers inspired cupcakes to a local vegan bake sale. Over $1,140 was raised for Edgar’s Mission. I felt so proud to be part of this.


I kinda sorta saved the “reject” cupcakes and turned them into mini Snickers-inspired parfaits in plastic cups for our niece’s 4th birthday the following day. They were amazing.

Bearded dragon

Here’s me with a bearded dragon lizard that we found while working in the garden at home. I was pretty chuffed about getting a photo with this little guy! We relocated him to a different pile of foliage so he wouldn’t get run over my the earthmoving equipment. The veggie garden isn’t worth photographing/showing off yet, but I’ll definitely keep you posted on progress. We’ll hopefully have some things planted within a couple of weeks.


This is our other current project – a 60’s aluminium caravan. I love it so much that I’ve enthusiastically polished all the bits I could reach by hand. It has been a long but rewarding task!


This is the last section I had left to polish… Pretty exciting! You can really see the difference.


Here’s a little snippet of the fairly original interior. When I saw the turquoise seats and mint curtains, I whispered to Mr. AA that it was “dreamy”, and I still feel that way!

Cheer Up Sign

And just because I can, here’s a photo of a sign that makes me smile every time I drive past it.

2 thoughts on “I’m still alive!

  1. sounds like you have been busy – I love the caravan – when I was little my friends had one a bit like that and we just used it as our cubby hut so it makes me all nostalgic – and the bakesale effort sounds amazing

    • Cool! When we were looking for a caravan I noticed a lot of people were using them as spare bedrooms – the idea had never crossed my mind! I can imagine one would make a pretty wicked cubby house.

      Being busy is great but the down side is feeling to out of the loop! I’m going to have a big catch up session one day soon of all the blogs I normally read regularly, like yours… Suicide by food porn? lol

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