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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your patience over the past few months! I plan to start posting recipes again soon (next month, hopefully) – I certainly miss messing around in the kitchen. I’ve had to devote a lot of energy to my day job for a while – which I love dearly, but it has taken its toll. The load will lighten in the near future; in the meantime, learning how to better manage stress is something really important that I need to do for myself. The veg garden has truly become a therapeutic place of joy for me – even if I’m only there for a few minutes in the morning pulling out weeds while I have some breakfast.

Veg Garden 7 Jan 14

Last week I finally finished filling in the garden bed on the left. I turned some compost into the soil, fertilised with Seasol this time (instead of my home made mix) and used organic sugar cane mulch instead of straw. The straw worked fine in the other garden bed, but it broke down pretty quickly. I’m hoping the sugar cane mulch holds up a little longer.

Broccoli 7 Jan 14

The bad news first – something kept eating my broccoli (pictured above). All five plants have been looking like this for two weeks. They’re not growing, but they’re still standing. I don’t really know what to make of it, but I tossed some more seeds in last week just in case these plants don’t make it. You can see more broccoli plants sprouting up in the photo.

Kale Box 7 Jan 14

The same little jerks started chewing through the kale, which was particularly devastating. Given that, for the most part, leaves were being taken off clean rather than nibbled at, Mr. AA & I suspected it was probably mice – not insects – so Mr. AA built this nifty little cage to protect the kale. It’s working!

Kale 1 Jan 14 (1)

Woah yeah! Red Russian kale all up in your face! I’ve already started picking and eating this… And sharing it with Miso & Winston (our bunnies).

Kale 1 Jan 14 (2)

And another photo – just because I’m so infatuated with it.

Purple Climbing Bean 7 Jan 14

The final victim has been the purple climbing beans. They’re desperately trying to survive – they keep getting taller and sprouting new leaves… Then this happens. Again and again.

Rocket 7 Jan 14

On the up side, my rocket looks like it’s on steroids. I’ve included my hand in the photo to show you exactly how monstrous it is! It still smells and tastes just like normal rocket.

Assorted Lettuce 7 Jan 14

Assorted lettuce – all healthy.

Cos Romaine Lettuce 7 Jan 14

Some seriously tasty cos (romaine) lettuce.

Dill 7 Jan 14


Coriander 7 Jan 14

Coriander. Every photo was blurry because it was a little windy!

Cucumber 7 Jan 14

Cucumber. There’s about 10 of these plants, all growing strong.
Celery 7 Jan 14

Some teeny weeny celery finally coming up about a month after sowing the seeds.

Beetroot 7 Jan 14

The tallest of the beets. There’s several smaller ones surrounding these. I accidentally tossed too many seeds too close together when sowing, so I ended up “thinning” out some of the seedlings last week. They weren’t too happy with me for a couple of days but with some extra TLC they’ve survived.

Chilli 7 Jan 14

The chilli plant Mr. AA gave me for Valentine’s Day last year – because apparently I’m “hot stuff”, haha! The survival of this plant was what gave me the encouragement I needed to attempt a veggie garden. So… Thanks, sweetheart! He also funded the materials we needed for the garden and helped me with ALL of it. He’s totally amazing.

Jalapeno 7 Jan 14

More jalapenos than we’re going to need.

In my last update, I mentioned a mystery plant/weed in my spinach patch… Well, it wasn’t spinach. The spinach never showed up! However I got 2 bonus potato plants that sprouted from my unfinished compost that was in the garden, so we’ve transplanted them to an area outside this garden to give them some extra room to grow.

Dam 7 Jan 14

For those of you that are unfamiliar with country living, we’re not connected to a seemingly unlimited supply of “town water” – we rely on catching rain water in tanks and dams. Mr. AA was clever enough to connect our most reliable dam/free water source to the garden hose. He also even put in this nifty filter to collect some of the gunk.


Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully next time I post a veg garden update you’ll be hearing about some healthy tomatoes, capsicums and all sorts of other yummy stuff!

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  1. Looking fantastic so far! Sorry to hear some plants didn’t make it, but it is all trial and error isn’t it? And trying to keep the little pesky kale/broccoli thieves out!!!!

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