Another Veg Garden Update!

Overall Garden

Are you a little shocked..? I am. Seriously, just… WHAT HAPPENED? 0_0

Our humble little veggie garden has had some considerable growth lately. We’ve even been harvesting more than just lettuce which is lovely!



No matter how many I pick or how many the mice (I suspect) eat, this chili bush continues to grow and is constantly bearing new fruit. Win!

Tomato 2

Some teeny weeny tomatoes are starting to grow, but my late planting means they’re prone to frost so we’re going to have to try to make some kind of improvised/temporary hot house for them this weekend. The plants are nearly taller than me!


I’ve had a steady supply of kale from the garden and have been sharing it with some local vegans! <3 Celery

It feels like the celery is taking forever to grow! It’s by far the slowest thing in the garden. It probably hasn’t helped that I’ve been picking leaves off it for our rabbits (Winston & Miso) every few days. I might be stunting its growth…

Rocket Seed

The rocket & cos lettuce are going to seed now. After I’ve collected seeds this week I’m thinking of removing them from the garden and trying for a second round of broccoli (this time with Mr. AA’s special mesh box over it for protection!).

Cucumber Escape

I totally underestimated how much space the cucumbers would need. They’re climbing and creeping EVERYWHERE, despite my attempts to tame them. We’ve harvested 5 cucumbers which were SO beautiful and crispy, but it’s a lot of plant for very little food. Mr. AA & I are considering removing them and starting up a dedicated cucumber and/or pumpkin patch. All in good time…

Golden Beet
Golden Beet.

This baby is about ready for picking and there’s a few more that are also close. Looking forward to eating my first ever golden beet in the near future!


There’s quite a few jalapenos growing. I’m quietly hoping the garden gets bombarded with them because I really want to pickle them and give them away to friends who are fans of them.

Red & White Stripy Beet
Red & White Stripy Beet

I think this bugger is ready to be picked, but I’m leaving him there for a few more days, until I decide on what to do with him. Raw beet ravioli? Something else? Ideas anyone??

Capsicum Bell Pepper
Capsicum / Bell Pepper.

I eat A LOT of capsicum and they cost a fortune to buy organic, so I really hope these mature & survive. There’s only one cluster of them so far, but there’s several capsicum/bell pepper plants that have potential.

Potato Tyres

These bad boys were rogue plants that grew from my not-quite-finished compost. To keep them growing and producing more potatoes, you need to keep building up the soil around them. Friends of ours (Adam & Airlie!) suggested using tyres for this and stacking an extra one on top each time soil needs to be added. So far, the plants are looking pretty healthy and they’re 2 tyres tall. I hope I have a crapload of potatoes to eat when we finally knock it down. Potatoes are awesome.

So there you have it – one hefty garden update. I’ll keep y’all posted as more happens!

Veg Garden Update

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your patience over the past few months! I plan to start posting recipes again soon (next month, hopefully) – I certainly miss messing around in the kitchen. I’ve had to devote a lot of energy to my day job for a while – which I love dearly, but it has taken its toll. The load will lighten in the near future; in the meantime, learning how to better manage stress is something really important that I need to do for myself. The veg garden has truly become a therapeutic place of joy for me – even if I’m only there for a few minutes in the morning pulling out weeds while I have some breakfast.

Veg Garden 7 Jan 14

Last week I finally finished filling in the garden bed on the left. I turned some compost into the soil, fertilised with Seasol this time (instead of my home made mix) and used organic sugar cane mulch instead of straw. The straw worked fine in the other garden bed, but it broke down pretty quickly. I’m hoping the sugar cane mulch holds up a little longer. Continue reading

Preparing For Spring

We’re nearing 4 years of being in our own home and I’ve only recently been pushing my veggie garden agenda in a more serious way. So in case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, the answer is outside.

We have an enormous greenhouse on our property, but renovating it to suit our needs would be an epic project and considering the drought in Australia and my lack of gardening experience, I thought it was best to start small.

Original Fernery

This is a fairly poor effort at a home made fernery that was attached to the house when we bought it. We’ve never done anything with it because, quite frankly, it was easier to just ignore it.

Then, about a month ago, I had a vision. I was determined to turn this 7×2.8m space into a veggie garden experiment. So I bossed Mr. AA around and we got digging.

Getting the palm out of there was a horrendous experience (see red arrow on photo above). It was stubbornly rooted and our attempts at dragging it out with a ute (pick up truck!) resulted in snapped ropes and heavy duty straps. We ended up having to enlist my father in law and his Pathfinder to pull while we hacked at the roots with shovels and picks. Good lord, what a task!

Progress 1

I really thought removing the palm was going to be the hard part. Boy, was I mistaken. All of the prep work so far has involved tougher physical labour than what I was prepared for – but I’m feeling enthusiastic & determined, despite being rained on many times during the process.

After removing the shade cloth to let in sunlight, I discovered that the three trees surrounding it were still causing heavy shade. I’ve been working on some tree trimming but one tree will remain untouched, since it has a bird’s nest in it.

Termites & Ivy

We’re also battling ivy & active termites. We’ve replaced some parts of the structure, but all the extra work has been a devastating set back.

Chicken Wire

Hopefully we’ll soon be ready to install this chicken wire around the outside, to keep the kangaroos and wild rabbits out. We decided to be thrifty with this and remove some perfectly good (and unnecessary) chicken wire from around one of the dams and re-use it.

Stay tuned for further updates! I’ll try and post a new recipe for you all soon. As you can see, I haven’t had much time on my hands for playing in the kitchen.

In other news, Ally from “Made of Stars” will be guest posting here later this week about her approach to being a vegan mum. Her gentle words and practical advice will warm your heart – so don’t miss it!