Lemon & Thyme Infused Polenta With Monster Vegan Brunches!

Polenta has been foreign to me for most of my life. The first few times I tried making it I was young, living out of home and my attempts failed horribly. Feeling highly scarred and discouraged, I didn’t try again for a few years. I’ve now mastered these humble corn grits and while they look pretty with stripy grill marks on them, I like them even better when baked as chips/fries!

Lemon & Thyme Infused Polenta
Serves 4

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Bendigo Corner Store Café


Bendigo Corner Store Café
305 View Street
Bendigo, VIC 3550
P: (03) 5442 2008

We visited the Bendigo Corner Store Café the other day. You might remember me mentioning local chef Lee Bryant in my post about “Dejustation”, a local vegan & gluten free degustation event last month. Lee works at the Bendigo Corner Store Café along with three other chefs, so I thought I’d pop in and check out what sort of food they have on offer. Continue reading

The Cottage

The Cottage 1

The Cottage
359 Pakington St
Newtown (Geelong)
VIC, 3220
P: (03) 5229 1599

The Cottage is a kitschy little café in an ex-house with seating out front, a clean interior with white chairs and wooden floors and a relaxing, beautiful courtyard out back. We sat in the courtyard with friends and their kids – not only was there plenty of shade from the greenery and umbrellas, but there was an abundance of space. The tables were spread out so that you didn’t have to worry about disturbing anyone when you pulled your chair out and you didn’t have to compete with the noise from other tables to carry out a conversation. Continue reading

Orange Tahini Chia Pudding

So… Turns out I’m still on a tahini bender and it’s wonderful!

Orange Tahini Chia Pudding 1

Chia pudding is odd and like nothing else I’ve ever eaten – it’s goopy, a little crunchy and really filling! There can be lots of variables, depending on your tastes. The basic, fail-proof formula to get the right texture is: 2 TBSP chia seeds + 3/4 C liquid.

The end result will be near impenetrable, so add your flavours at the start of the process and stir, stir, stir! There’s no such thing as stirring too much – but you can definitely stir too little. Continue reading

Sweet Quinoa Porridge

I’ve never been a fan of oat porridge. It’s a little floury, heavy, sticky, gluggy and doesn’t taste any good unless it’s full of sugar. Yesterday, I took a chance on making some quinoa porridge and I fell head over heels for it! I suppose I just don’t really dig oats. Sorry to everyone out there who has a lot of love for them… If you prefer oats, feel free to make this recipe with them instead of quinoa flakes.

Quinoa, for anyone who is unaware, is high in protein, gluten free, high in fibre and low GI.

Quinoa Porridge
Serves 1

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