Minted Pea, Fennel & Granny Smith Soup [Raw]

You may have guessed by my absence that it’s been a tough couple of weeks for me. Wolvie was euthanized and less than a week later, Mr. AA suffered an injury that required emergency surgery. Thankfully all his fingers are still attached, but he’ll be off work for a while and will be starting hand therapy soon.

Bunny Toys

Striving to see the glass-half-full so as not to induce self-pity and misery, I’m happy to report that there has been a silver lining.

1. We’re bonding strongly with our other bunny at the moment which has cheered us both up – she really is quite a sweetheart. We’ve showered her with new toys, heat packs and lots of extra play/cuddle time so she doesn’t get too depressed or lonely.
2. It’s really nice to come home and have a hug waiting and a cup of tea made for me.
3. While my grief somewhat steered me into some terrible eating habits, I’m starting to get back into my normal routine. I know this will take time; I just need to be forgiving and patient with myself.

I’ve never been a big fan of fennel, but I’ve been fennel-curious lately. Despite loving fennel seeds in spice mixes, adoring liquorice and enjoying the occasional liquorice tea, the pungent smell of fresh fennel makes me instantly feel like a pregnant lady – my stomach turns. I feel the same way when I smell absinthe, aniseed or star anise which is strange because I know all of those smells are fairly similar. Anyway – I’m pleased to say that if you feel the same way I do about the smell/taste, don’t fret. You don’t really notice the fennel in this soup because it’s overpowered by the sweet peas and sour lime & granny smith apple.

Minted Pea, Fennel & Granny Smith Soup
Serves 2 / Yields approx. 800ml

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Easy Raw Crackers

I really wanted to replicate Ace’s raw crackers from Mozartbar Café because they were pretty tasty & memorable. Now that I’ve actually made them and I’m blogging about them, I feel like I’m cheating you all out of a “real” recipe this week because they’re so easy that anyone could have come up with them!

Makes 2 dehydrator trays of crackers.

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Orange Tahini Chia Pudding

So… Turns out I’m still on a tahini bender and it’s wonderful!

Orange Tahini Chia Pudding 1

Chia pudding is odd and like nothing else I’ve ever eaten – it’s goopy, a little crunchy and really filling! There can be lots of variables, depending on your tastes. The basic, fail-proof formula to get the right texture is: 2 TBSP chia seeds + 3/4 C liquid.

The end result will be near impenetrable, so add your flavours at the start of the process and stir, stir, stir! There’s no such thing as stirring too much – but you can definitely stir too little. Continue reading

Vegetable Stock Concentrate

Say bye bye to store bought vegetable stock, peeps; today I’m going to teach you how to make your own and you’re going to love it! Now you can control the amount of salt in your stock, make it organic & not have to consume questionable additives that are identified by numbers. It’s also allergen friendly as it doesn’t contain any gluten, soy or corn products which are sometimes found in store bought stocks.

Veg Stock Concentrate 1

I tried making a few variations of this, but they weren’t all amazing. I’ve shared the best/basic recipe below for you. Feel free to change this up a bit, but don’t stray from my recipe too much because it won’t always be a happy accident. You can use vegetable “scraps” to make this, like the ends of your carrots, the centre of your zucchini that was used for making raw “noodles/pasta”, old floppy celery or herbs that are starting to wilt. Unfortunately between the humans, dogs & rabbits in this house, we never actually have vegetable “scraps” hanging around. Continue reading

Chocolate Tahini Dressing (Or… Chocolate Sesame Snap Sauce)

There have been some changes at Appetite Afflicton recently – most of them are “behind the scenes” things that you won’t notice, others you’ll see if you go looking for them (e.g. my updated “about” page). Somehow in the mix, there has been an issue with my email subscribers list – so if you were on it but didn’t receive the last update or this one in your inbox, you’ll need to re-subscribe via the form on the right hand side of the page. Sorry!

Now onto food business…

I’m on a bit of a tahini bender at the moment, so when I saw Cindy post about her chocolate tahini dressing on Where’s the Beef? last week, I had to try it.

Tahini is bitter, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect here – but I can honestly tell you that what I got was a chocolatey-sesame-snap LIQUID DREAM! (I nearly said “wet dream”, then realised how perverted that sounded. Ohhhh, wait. I said it anyway.)

Cindy served these with bananas which would have been my first choice, but I didn’t have any on hand and figured something a bit different like apricots would be fine (AND OH MY THEY WERE). I also made some other small/simple substitutions with what I had on hand and unintentionally ended up making this sauce raw. Well, if tahini is considered raw – Google can’t seem to give me a definitive answer about this, so I’ll leave it with you to decide for yourself.

Choc Sesame Snap Sauce 1
Chocolate Tahini Dressing (Or… Chocolate Sesame Snap Sauce)

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