Fruity Noodles

Today’s recipe is brought to you by the fruit “mango”. I’ve been eating so many of them lately that in the [thankfully untrue] words of any adult to a child, I’m “going to turn into one”! I’ve used a Honey Gold mango in this recipe – they’re man-sized mangoes. If for some reason you can’t find these, use 3-4 smaller mangoes.

I’m normally one of those freakishly organised people that makes meal plans for the week – then I write out my shopping list according to what store & aisle I need to visit to buy the ingredients I need. I’m not kidding. Yes, it’s a bit over the top for most people, but it works for me. This routine has fallen by the wayside over the past few months, as I’ve lacked time and energy and decided to let loose in the kitchen with whatever I can find. At first, this was pretty scary – it still is sometimes. But for the most part it’s liberating and my diet it seeing a lot more variety than before. My bank account, on the other hand, is not quite so impressed.

These “fruity noodles” were a high risk experiment that went right. Really right. Mr. AA ate seconds. If that’s not a seal of approval, then I don’t know what is!

Fruity Noodles 2
Serves 3

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Honey Gold Mango & Nectarine Salsa-Salad

This recipe is a favourite in our house. When served on some sweet coconut rice, it’s a perfectly refreshing, tropical dinner on a hot summer night. Best of all, it’s quick & easy to make!

Honey gold mangoes are in season at the moment; not only does this mean they’re abundant – they’re also cheap! These giant beauties were 2 for $4 last week and I may or may not have picked up an entire box of them.

Mango Nectarine Salad 2
Serves 4 as a side dish

1 Honey Gold Mango
2 Firm Yellow Nectarines*
1 Haas Avocado
1 Tomato
Juice from 1 Lime
1/4 C Fresh Coriander, roughly chopped
1 Small Red Chili, finely diced (optional)
1 t Sesame Seeds
1 T Pine Nuts
S+P to taste (optional)

  • Roughly dice the mango, nectarines, avocado & tomato. Place in a bowl and toss with the lime juice & coriander (& chili, salt & pepper if that’s how you dig it).
  • In a dry skillet on high heat, lightly toast the sesame seeds & pine nuts. I recommend putting the sesame seeds in first and the pine nuts 10-20 seconds later. Toss constantly until lightly browned and serve on top of the salad. Watch these carefully – you don’t want them to burn.

That’s seriously all there is to it! YOU’RE WELCOME.

*The crunch of particularly hard nectarines will work in your favour in this recipe, lending a crisp and varied texture to the salad along with the toasted sesame seeds & pine nuts. It’s much more exciting than a sloppy ol’ standard mango salsa, believe me!

Mango Nectarine Salad 1

For a raw version, simply skip toasting the sesame seeds & pine nuts.

I realise that the salt & pepper might be a little too weird for some of you, but for those of you that are adventurous, I strongly recommend it!

Disclosure statement: Piñata Farms supplied me with some free mangoes for recipe development.

Minted Pea, Fennel & Granny Smith Soup [Raw]

You may have guessed by my absence that it’s been a tough couple of weeks for me. Wolvie was euthanized and less than a week later, Mr. AA suffered an injury that required emergency surgery. Thankfully all his fingers are still attached, but he’ll be off work for a while and will be starting hand therapy soon.

Bunny Toys

Striving to see the glass-half-full so as not to induce self-pity and misery, I’m happy to report that there has been a silver lining.

1. We’re bonding strongly with our other bunny at the moment which has cheered us both up – she really is quite a sweetheart. We’ve showered her with new toys, heat packs and lots of extra play/cuddle time so she doesn’t get too depressed or lonely.
2. It’s really nice to come home and have a hug waiting and a cup of tea made for me.
3. While my grief somewhat steered me into some terrible eating habits, I’m starting to get back into my normal routine. I know this will take time; I just need to be forgiving and patient with myself.

I’ve never been a big fan of fennel, but I’ve been fennel-curious lately. Despite loving fennel seeds in spice mixes, adoring liquorice and enjoying the occasional liquorice tea, the pungent smell of fresh fennel makes me instantly feel like a pregnant lady – my stomach turns. I feel the same way when I smell absinthe, aniseed or star anise which is strange because I know all of those smells are fairly similar. Anyway – I’m pleased to say that if you feel the same way I do about the smell/taste, don’t fret. You don’t really notice the fennel in this soup because it’s overpowered by the sweet peas and sour lime & granny smith apple.

Minted Pea, Fennel & Granny Smith Soup
Serves 2 / Yields approx. 800ml

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Green Satay Salad


We received devastating news this week; in addition to suffering arthritis, our bunny Wolverine (“Wolvie”, front/right bunny) has a malignant tumour. The vet has advised against major surgery, as he’s 9 years old and there’s a very high chance the tumour will grow back in a matter of weeks – so at the moment, we’re in palliative care mode, administering daily anti-inflammatories with extra love & attention. We don’t know how long he has left, but while this is happening, I’ll be scaling back the time I spend on Appetite Affliction.

Because this little guy has made such a big impact on my life and he happens to love coriander, broccoli & celery, I’m dedicating today’s recipe to him! Feel free to change up the base veggies if you have something different in your fridge or just prefer something else – but stick to the dressing because it’s seriously tasty.

Green Satay Salad 1
Serves 2 as a main or 4 as a side.

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Happy Blogiversary To Me!


Hi Everyone!

Today is my two year blogiversary. It’s a proud milestone for me; there’s been many frustrating moments where I’ve lost my confidence and direction with blogging and felt incredibly intimidated by some of the wonderfully talented people in the blogosphere – but I’m glad I’ve persevered because Appetite Affliction brings me a lot of joy and an important sense of accomplishment.

For those of you that have eagerly been following the details of my blogiversary sale on Facebook, the time has come! $50 off Blendtec blenders + free postage at my shop for today only – what an amazing bargain!

I hope you all have a wonderful day,

Nat xx

HP3A Homeblender Fourside - Black with fruit

Caprese Salad With Macadamia “Mozzarella”

I’d been thinking about caprese salad all week, so I decided to roll up my sleeves and have a go at making a macadamia based “mozzarella”. The flavour is mild and the texture is creamy and delicate – possibly a little too delicate – but I’m happy with the result nevertheless! I didn’t add any probiotics to this but if you’d like to, blending in 1/2 a teaspoon of dairy-free probiotic powder will be plenty.

Caprese Salad 1
Caprese Salad for 1

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Semi-Raw Noodle Salad with Sweet Soy-Lime Dressing

This recipe is fairly flexible in terms of ingredients – the only thing I suggest sticking to is the dressing, because the dressing makes it. I chose to mix cooked noodles with raw zucchini noodles because sometimes a cooked meal is too heavy and a raw meal is too light – but you could go with either extreme, depending on your preference.

If you’re going all raw, you’ll only need half the dressing. If you’re going cooked, make the full amount of dressing because you’ll need extra to stop the cooked noodles from sticking together and to fry the tofu.

Noodle Salad with Sweet Soy Dressing
Serves 1

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My Big Announcement

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I’d have some exciting news to share… Well, here it is!

Blendtec HP3A

If you’ve been snooping around my website in the past few days, you might have noticed a “shop” tab appear along the top. That’s because I’ve been working with Blendtec Australia to become an affiliated blogger & authorised dealer. Continue reading

Easy Raw Crackers

I really wanted to replicate Ace’s raw crackers from Mozartbar Café because they were pretty tasty & memorable. Now that I’ve actually made them and I’m blogging about them, I feel like I’m cheating you all out of a “real” recipe this week because they’re so easy that anyone could have come up with them!

Makes 2 dehydrator trays of crackers.

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Mozartbar Café


Mozartbar Café
217 Commercial Rd
South Yarra, VIC 3141
P: (03) 9826 6162

A friend recently alerted (and invited) me to Mozartbar Café. Being the considerate, lovely lady that she is, she contacted the venue to get copies of the menu so I could make sure they catered to vegans – and boy did they! Their “classic menu” has both vegan and non-vegan wraps, salads, burgers and tapas – but what really blew me away and got me feeling all giddy was their “raw menu”. I really love that these guys are tackling the raw food niche in such a brave, robust way.

The vegan options on the classic menu aren’t marked, however a combinaton of the menu descriptions and asking the staff questions will help you choose what’s suitable to your dietary needs. The raw menu is clearly marked as being all vegan, gluten free, wheat free, live & organic. It’s a fairly good guide to what a basic raw diet includes – dips, blended soup, rice paper & nori rolls, salads, zucchini pasta & lasagna and a veggie burger stack. There’s also an additional menu for smoothies, juices and a small selection of desserts. It really is a raw foodies’ wet dream. Continue reading